The first
decentralized social network
created by a real-life game

Meet in real life
to earn ZYM while having fun
and building a web of trust

Enzym Technology

Offline-First Social Chain

  • The "Small" Social Chain: a P2P network of smartphones connected or not to the internet (Offline first)
  • Eventual consistency: when a node has internet access, it can declare transactions for others
  • Network layer: transfers of ZYMs, private messages, group messages, announcements, surveys, etc.
  • The "Global" Social Chain: through missions and other games, Enzym can move a user from one "Small" Social Chain to another and thus... deliver data!

social chain

  • ZYM rewards for users whose node is used to relay data; strong rewards for users who move
  • Application agnostic: eventually the Social Chain will be an open network, usable by other applications; more users, more nodes!
  • E2E encryption: for private content
  • Reputation: self-moderation of the person's and node's behavior

Enzym Concept

Fun Meetings & Selfies Certified by NFTs

Challenges and missions lead to physical meetings between players

Validation of the QR Code of the physical meeting

Friendship guaranteed by the freeze of 2 tokens

Immortalize this friendship with a selfie that will be certified by an NFT(ZYM ERC20 in ERC721)

Construction of the social network (share media, send ZYM, create events, mini-games)

The more you scan
The more you meet
The more you win
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ZYM Crypto-token

Decentralized with the Blockchain


Enzym aims to become a transparent and decentralized application based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The ZYM, its ERC-20 token, is the fuel of the application: most actions require ZYM or allow players of the ENZYM application to earn them.

Use of funds



Deal with fixed and proportional costs such as accounting, accommodation, offices rental, insurance, etc.



Obtain legal advice in our development.



Give value to the ZYM by creating a first price on an exchanges platform.


Consolidate the IT team

Recruitment of a Full Stack mobile developer and a Solidity developer, server management will be outsourced.



Make the ENZYM application and concept known by developing its partners network and carrying out street marketing via its Ambassadors.



Q3 2024
Mobile Application
Launch of the function the more you connect the more you earn and vice versa
Launch of the online store to exchange ZYM for e-commerce assets

Enzym Team

Yannick Barnel
Co-founder - CEO - Entrepreneur - Business Developper
Sylvain Duchesne
Co-founder - CTO
Laury Jacot
Head of Partnerships
Etienne Monnet
Full Stack Developer
Sarah Gache
Graphic and Web Designer
Frédéric Duchesne
Front-end Developer


Eric Burgel
Project Advisor
Shaban Shaame
Gaming and NFT Specialist Advisor
Hadrien Croubois
Smart Contract Technical Advisor
Nicolas Paillet
Financial Advisor
Céline Moille
Legal Advisor

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